dj LX


DJ LX is an experienced dj and producer in the Ottawa / Montreal electronic music scene.

A rising star in the Ottawa / Montreal Rave community for over 8 years, "DJ Lx" currently works as a Hardcore, French Core, Hip-Hop, House DJ / Producer in Ottawa, Ontario. Perhaps what he's most famous for is his sets, his suspenseful mind BLOWING drops & his SHARP Katana like cuts while preforming.

He is A DANGEROUS MULTI-TALENTED CYBERNETIC ALIEN LIFEFORM when it comes to his DJing & producing with a wide variety of styles of music ranging from as low as 42  BPM to 210 BPM, some +1000 Instrumentals in production from original tracks to remixes.

DJ LX formerly "Dj Du Shine" is back on the dance music scene ready To tear it up once again after a break of 3 years helping his mother dealing with M.S. All of sudden an unexpected turn around his mother got flesh eating disease in April 2017. With a FIRE, inextinguishable, passion for his scratching producing mixing creation of possibly the best times in life than ever before in his 8 year career with the spirit of his mom by his side that will be no problem!!!



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